Transport BarriersG. Haller, Transport Barriers and Coherent Structures in Flow Data: Advective, Diffusive, Stochastic and Active Methods
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2023) 425 pages.

"This is a must read for anyone interested in data-driven fluid mechanics. Coherent structures are central to how we understand fluids, and Haller has been a pioneer in this field for decades. This book covers an exciting range of topics from introductory to advanced material, complete with beautiful graphics and illustrations."
Steven L. Brunton - University of Washington

"George Haller has written a clear, well-illustrated text that step-by-step explains the mathematics needed to understand and quantify fluid motions that cause mixing and describes and identifies the corresponding transport barriers to mixing processes. The ideas are introduced in a systematic way, with examples that highlight analytical features, software available via github, and interpretations to help the reader build intuition for the mathematical concepts and their application to physical processes."
Howard A. Stone - Princeton University

"Dynamical systems theory was developed in the 1980s, but for fluid dynamics has not played the prominent role it deserves. The present insightful and well-written book `Transport Barriers and Coherent Structure in Flow Data' by George Haller now bridges this gap between modern fluid dynamics and dynamical systems theory. It is based on mathematically grounded and solid methods, which are then applied to fluid dynamical problems and data sets. It also includes the usage of modern data-driven methods. The book is complemented by clickable links to a library of numerical implementations of transport barrier detection methods. It is a wonderful textbook for Turbulence and Advanced Fluid Mechanics classes for students in Applied Mathematics, Physics, and Mechanical and Chemical Engineering alike and unmissable for scientists working at the interface between dynamical systems theory and fluid dynamics."
Detlef Lohse, University of Twente

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Chaos Near ResonanceG. Haller, Chaos Near Resonance
Springe, New York (1999) 448 pages.

"An extensive bibliography and the many examples make this clearly-written book an excellent introduction to these techniques for identifying chaos in perturbations of systems with resonance."
Applied Mechanics Reviews, Vol. 53/4, April 2000

"Haller makes a point of wanting to see dynamical systems theory fulfil "its long-standing promise to solve real-life problems". His book, through a wealth of detailed examples, delivers on this promise, and is certain to become a standard text in this area. In particular, it is an excellent introduction to this research area, and contains a wealth of bibliographical and historical detail.
Matthew Nicol, BUlletin of the LMS, No. 162, Vol. 33/3, May 2001

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