Currently available M.Sc. and Ph.D. Projects

Our group work on developing dynamical systems methods and approaches in various areas of engineering and applied science. Current areas of interest include:

  • Coherent structures in turbulence
  • Transport and active and passive scalars and vectors in unsteady flows
  • Machine-learning nonlinear systems from data
  • Reconstructing ocean currents from float observations
  • Exact model reduction to invariant manifolds for high-dimensional mechanical systems
  • Computing periodic, quasiperiodic and random response efficiently in nonlinear mechanical vibrations
  • Uncertainty quantification using system's internal features
  • Velocity field reconstruction from observed scalar fields.
Masters and Ph.D. candidates wishing to pursue these projects are expected to have an interested in theoretical and numerical analysis, a strong background in applied mathematics and mechanics, as well as demonstrated experience with numerical methods.

If interested, please send your CV, bachelor and masters level transcripts (and copies of your English test scores if you are not in an English-language study program) to Prof. George Haller at

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